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Hairless Dog Transforms Into The Fluffiest And Happiest Girl

Mikita is a hairless dog who was living on the streets, specifically on a reservation in South Dakota, United States. When a rescuer from Lightshine Canine first saw her, her condition was concerning because her skin was too red, looking almost like it had been exposed to meat, she was extremely underweight, and she was barely able to move.

As she was missing so much hair at the time, the man who saved her was unable to even specify the kind of dog Mikita was. A volunteer with Happy Tails Rescue made the decision to foster the dog and started mange treatments on her.

Though she still had a long way to go, they observed that she was a woman as gradually gray and white hair started to grow out around her body.


When Jessi Sova learnt about Mikita’s tale, she had already been looking for a partner for her rescued Husky dog for a few days. Jessi was browsing the internet when she came across a Facebook post detailing Mikita’s predicament, and she immediately knew she wanted to meet her.

Jessi stated to The Dodo:

“I booked a meeting after receiving my application to become a recognized adopter. She was the cutest little thing and so little. We both fell in love with her when we met her with my son.


The woman’s decision to adopt the dog and give her a lifetime home seemed to improve the canine’s fortunes, but there was still a problem to solve. As Mikita eventually began to feel better, Jessi found the dog’s back wasn’t functioning properly.


Mikita also expressed how terrible it was whenever she wanted to play or when it was time for bed, as seen by the grimace on her little face.

Jessi would awaken multiple times through the night to determine what she wanted, making it seem as though there was a little baby living in the home.

Jessie added:

“She screamed one night as she struggled to get up because she couldn’t get her rear legs beneath her. We were both taken by a buddy to the emergency vet.”


Mikita was diagnosed with discoenpondylitis, a rare condition that directly impacts an animal’s spine, following a number of medical tests. The dog started receiving antibiotic therapy at that point, and nothing could stop her from leading a happy life after that.

His gorgeous gray and white fur continued to grow quickly, and he was always eager to play and enjoy himself with his family as it had always been.