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Grandma Told Her She Was ‘Too Old’ To Adopt A Dog, And She Got The Sweetest Surprise

The grandmother of Andrea Hijar has enjoyed having a number of pets throughout the course of her 76 years as a devoted animal lover. The grandma was too old to own another animal, though, according to the neighborhood shelters and rescue organizations.

Granny was keen to welcome another furry friend into her house and heart, but Andrea was disappointed by the reactions she received when she contacted numerous rescue organizations close to her home in Peru.

Everything appears to point to the fact that one of the numerous rescue organizations’ adoption regulations prohibits elderly individuals from adopting animals.


As she stated to The Dodo:

They were ultimately turned down due to their age. My grandma and grandfather are a very loving pair, so the fact that they were denied something that would have made them cry made me sad.


The news grieved her grandma, but she made an effort to accept the fact that she was too old to own a pet and would never experience that joy again. Nevertheless, her granddaughter persisted in her search for a viable choice for her grandparents’ adoption, one that would produce positive outcomes.

In a social media post, a man claimed to have a dog that was searching for a loving home. Andrea came across this message. She made the decision to get in touch with the man in the hopes that he would not object to the fact that her grandma was elderly and would permit them to adopt the puppy.


The man only wanted the puppy to have a good home to live in and didn’t care how old Andrea’s grandparents were.

Andrea stated:

“He agreed to give us the puppy since he knew my grandparents would look after and adore her. My dad and grandfather went to pick her up.


The long-awaited opportunity to inform the grandmother of the news finally arrived when the grandpa had the puppy called Princess in his arms. Everything was planned for the amazing surprise; they anticipated the grandmother’s joy at seeing the puppy, and her expression spoke for itself.