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After A Year Apart, A Blind And Deaf Dog Instantly Recognizes Her Grandfather

Five years ago, Bitsy, a cute blind and deaf puppy, arrived home. When it came to her granddaughter, her grandfather Her Steve felt a little anxious and concerned. She was concerned about the kind of life the 5-week-old girl might lead and how she would typically carry out all the activities of a dog given her limitations, but Bitsy, with her enthusiasm and joy, quickly allayed all the grandfather’s worries.

She has always been her own tour guide. When I initially brought her home, she immediately went to the food dish, jumped in, and ate until she was unconscious.


As her grandfather had mistakenly assumed in the depths of his suffering, adorable Bitsy is in no way a helpless puppy. This girl has trekked, canoed, skateboarded, and even gone cross-country with her mother. This brave furry and her mother have no bounds.

Hayden narrates:

“Bitsy is the world’s sweetest, nicest, most devoted, and obedient dog. She’s spunky and craves excitement!


Bitsy’s granddad adores her and cherishes any opportunity to spend time with her. Unfortunately, one of Bitsy’s most difficult and major adjustments following the implementation of the COVID-19 limitations last year was that they were forced to cease seeing her family; thus, visits to her grandpa no longer take place.

The mother of Bitsy affirms:

He is both her biggest supporter and fan. He will rave about how terrific he is and how much he loves her to anybody who would listen. He spoils her with gifts and toys as a traditional grandfather would, and she enjoys being around him.


After a little more than a year, Bitsy was able to see her grandfather once again. After their time away, Steve was a bit concerned that Bitsy wouldn’t remember him. However, this couldn’t have been further from the truth; Bitsy was always thinking of him and was ecstatic to feel his presence again.


Steve posted the following on Facebook:

“As soon as she could smell me, she went absolutely crazy with delight. I also. Once more, Bitsy showed that the skills she does possess greatly outweigh the ones she does not. What a great and absolutely amazing soul.

Bitsy demonstrated her deep love and devotion for her family. The amazing moment of Bitsy’s reunion with her grandfather was captured in a video, which Hayden shared on her various social media platforms and instantly went viral.

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This extraordinary girl’s mother had always known that her loyal friend would never forget someone who had loved her as much as her grandfather had. Now that the family has been reunited, things is much better for everyone.