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Actor Jonah Hill Expresses His Joy After Adopting 3-Year-Old Puppy

After hearing his tragic tale, actor Jonah Hill made the decision to adopt a 3-year-old charcoal gray pit bull from Love Leo Rescue. It appears that the dog, called Fig, was left by his former family in a rural shelter nearby over the holiday season.

His owners abandoned him at the facility, according to staff at the shelter in Victor Valley, southern California, and had no intention of picking him up.

Fig clung to the volunteers for attention since he was so bewildered, terrified, and heartbroken when he first arrived at the scene.


Since it was the holiday season and everyone at the shelter was quite saddened by Fig’s attitude, they decided to locate him a foster home. This is how Fig ended up at Love Leo Rescue in Los Angeles, where they made the decision to take the pup in and try to place him in a forever home.

The good news came quickly. Jonah made the decision to give Fig the home he so richly deserved after learning about Fig’s tale.


The rescue center thanked the actor and those who looked after Fig in the process of posting the amazing news on their Instagram.

When publishing, the rescue center also included:

“Over the holiday season, a rural shelter received this lovely three-year-old Pit Bull. We are pleased that he has a loving home. There is definitely a love connection.


Knowing that dogs up for adoption have ultimately found a home is satisfying, and the shelter feels privileged to have been a part of the process.

While the shelter strives to help the animals find a permanent home, saying goodbye may occasionally be difficult. Nevertheless, they express their gratitude with a firm embrace.

The demand note read:

“We adore this adoption tale and are so thankful to have been involved in the procedure. “Good life!”


After adopting Fig, Jonah quickly expressed his joy by posting a few cute pictures to Instagram. He also complimented the shelter in his post for the hard work it does with the dogs and cats who come to its facilities.