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Delivery Man Jumps Into A Pool To Save A Drowning Dog

John Cassabria is employed at Amazon. He is responsible for delivering the goods to the customers at his residences. The man was diligently delivering items in Woburn, Massachusetts, last month when he all of a sudden heard a weird and unexpected noise.

When John tried to identify the peculiar sound he was hearing by opening the delivery truck door to listen more closely, he was unable.

John stated to The Dodo:

“The sound I heard is still very difficult to describe. It sounded somewhat like a siren attack coupled with howling sounds akin to wind howling through tree branches.


The man chose to follow the noise since he found it to be quite intriguing, and this brought him to a fence that encircled a home. He was able to identify the source of the weird sound after looking into it more thoroughly: it was a dog stuck in a swimming pool pleading for assistance.

The old dog was apparently just pacing around until suddenly, via a mistake, he fell into the pool.

The 14-year-old Husky called Luka was exhausted and unable to continue swimming in the water, regardless of how long he had been submerged.


John uttered:

“The sound turned worrisome as soon as I realized what it was instead of being intriguing. My stomach dropped. I wasn’t sure he was still with us until I actually got to him, and all I could think about was getting him out of the water and making sure he was safe.”

With his clothing and shoes still on, the man leapt into the pool without pausing, intending to only transfer the animal to dry land.

He checked sure the dog was healthy and able to breathe on its own after doing this amazing heroic deed.


John uttered:

“When I emerged from the water, I was astonished and terrified. He wished for me to be at his side. I stayed by his side the entire time because he would pick me up, paw at me, or push me.

After deciding to contact animal control, John waited by Luka’s side for an hour and a half for them to arrive.

The officer in charge, to everyone’s relief, turned out to be a neighbor of Luka’s family, so he phoned them to let them know.


After hearing about the miraculous rescue, Luka’s family was in disbelief and attempted to explain what may have taken place. His family claims that the event was brought on by the elder dog, who had fled and gotten into trouble prior to the arrival of his dog sitter.

John, fortunately, was nearby and was able to save the day. Lucy Cadwell, the mother of Luka, expressed her gratitude to the nice and brave guy, knowing how crucial his intervention was for her pet.