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Dog Traveled 40 Miles To Find His Way Back To The Woman He Loves

Psychotherapist Seneca Krueger adopted Zelda, a timid and fearful dog, a year ago. What Seneca never anticipated is the trip that tiny Zelda would do to return to her side. The woman has committed herself to collecting rescued dogs and helping them restore their confidence in people so that they might eventually have a forever family.

About 30 dogs have been cared for by the woman thus far, although Zelda was a bit of a challenging case.

Seneca stated to The Dodo

She entered the room carrying anxiety medicine when Zelda was moving about. She moved around or hid all day.


Zelda gradually started to feel calmer and more safe when the woman saw that the dog felt more secure while she was wearing a leash during the process of helping her build confidence.

Seneca also said

“She was attached to me when I was at home. She had also weaned her off her anti-anxiety medicine after two weeks of leash training, and her pace reduced. Even for little periods of time, she was willing to emerge from concealment when she was alone herself.”


After living with Seneca, her family, and two other dogs for two months, the dog finally waggled her tail. Four months later, the dog started to play and bark, though occasionally strange noises or the presence of visitors would scare her. Nevertheless, the woman knew they had made progress and it was time to let the dog go.


Seneca declared:

As Zelda began to feel more confident, I made the decision that it was time for her to find a forever home. As a foster home, your job is to help the children adjust before saying goodbye and letting them to live their best life.


Seneca transported Zelda 40 miles in her car, but she didn’t anticipate the journey to be challenging.

The woman said:

For the first time in my 12-year history of caring for dogs in foster homes, I had to pull over to the side of the road because I couldn’t see through my tears.