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Man Buys A Cabin In The Woods As A Retirement Home For His Dog

When Lorenzo Buffa first spotted his dog Myles thirteen years ago, it was nearly by chance, but Lorenzo felt they were meant to be. On Fridays, a local shelter would bring all of his dogs to the park, and Lorenzo would always watch the touching spectacle from a distance.

Knowing that none of these pets had a loving home to live out their lives in left the man devastated every single time. However, Lorenzo realized he had to take a puppy home with him the moment he gazed into his eyes one afternoon.

As he stated to The Dodo:

“His ears pricked up when I saw him and when he saw me. He picked me, I knew it!”

Image | lorenzo buffa

Since that time, Lorenzo and Miles have become close and like doing everything together, including resting, going on walks, and playing for extended periods of time.

Image | lorenzo buffa

Since he found a permanent home and was able to enjoy his life with his father, Myles has always been quite content. Miles has unfortunately aged rapidly and is now an elderly dog, making it more difficult for him to engage in some activities.

Image | lorenzo buffa

In addition, Myles developed a number of ailments throughout the years, including heart failure, cataracts, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Despite everything, cheerful Myles still enjoys life, albeit much more slowly now that he is older. Lorenzo therefore made the decision to locate the ideal home for his dog’s final days in order to provide him a more comfortable and carefree existence.

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Lawrence continued:

«I always promised him I’d give him some acreage and send him off into the wilderness. I always assumed he would have left town by the time I was in my mid-30s. The epidemic truly made me realize my values and the necessity to transition to a simpler way of life for both of us.

The man decided to purchase a cabin in the woods and gave it the name “Camp Myles” in honor of his cherished dog after looking for several days.

To make the cabin the ideal residence for himself, Myles, and their two cats, Lorenzo undertook a number of modifications and renovations.

Image | lorenzo buffa

Now that the small family has settled in completely, everyone—especially Myles—seems to be enjoying and adoring their new life in the woods.

As Lawrence said:

I believe that lounging on the terrace or porch, unwinding in nature, exploring the land, and going for walks are [his favorite activities].”

The greatest part is that Myles is responding well to his prescriptions since they moved into their new house, and his health issues are less of a concern.

Image | lorenzo buffa