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Meet Ploy Thong, A Blind Elephant Who Was Rescued After Serving As A Tourist Attraction For 16 Years, Now Her Life Has Changed

After spending many years working as a tourist attraction in Pattaya, Thailand, a blind female elephant who was saved by the Save Elephant Foundation crew has now arrived at her new home for the life she so well deserves.

When Ploy Thong was saved, she was about 30 years old. Despite being completely blind, she had spent 16 years carrying visitors on her back. Evidently, she followed the right pathways using her sense of smell, while people merely utilized her as a vehicle to go on a stroll.

She had previously worked in a circus where she performed a number of stunts to amuse visitors before they used her for this.

Thankfully, his days of servitude came to an end since the group was able to save him and turn around his life.

The crew at the Save Elephant Foundation was working on releasing another elephant when they discovered about Ploy Thong’s plight. Wanting to do something to assist her, they started talking to the animal’s owner about getting her released so they could transport her to a sanctuary.

On YouTube, a member of staff stated:

We also chose to save Ploy Thong, another elephant. Despite being blind in both eyes, he drove visitors every day. She saddled up early every day and continued taking riders until dusk.

The organization’s members were inspired by the animal’s predicament; they had witnessed the animal working despite her condition and wished to free her from slavery.

They were able to negotiate his release after discussing the terms with the owner of Ploy Thong, and shortly his life would alter. He traveled to Chiang Mai, to the Elephant Nature Park, a great spot to start his new life, and from there he began his path to freedom.

Her life would totally alter in this location, but she would need to learn how to make new friends in order to be accepted by the other elephants in the herd.

Ploy Thong had never socialized with other elephants because for the majority of his life he had been a circus elephant and a popular tourist attraction. She also had no idea how the other elephants in the sanctuary would respond because she was blind in addition to being new to the herd.