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This Great Pyrenees Pup And A Wild Moose Meet On A Highway And Share A Sweet Moment Through A Fence

Winston, a cute Great Pyrenees puppy, is five months old and resides in Loveland, Colorado, with his family (USA). His adoptive mother, Lauren Sturges, spotted a group of vehicles lining up on the road next to her house on an usual day. She had the impression that some of the local wild elk were crossing the roadway, and she was compelled to investigate.

Lauren walked through the snow to get to the fence adjacent to her property, where she was able to see a sizable herd of wild elk crossing the road. Lauren moved toward the road with the inquisitive Winston. Despite the fact that they showed no interest in her, they appeared to adore her adorable dog.

YouTube/ ViralHog

Two moose approached Winston through the fence and kissed the dog on the snout as Winston was sitting on the other side of the fence, the pup’s foster mother told Reporter Herald. The moose took turns sniffing the pup, capping off the endearing examination with a tender kiss.

A little video that was created to capture the entire event instantly went popular on social media.

The female moose can first be seen cautiously poking her snout over the fence and licking the dog. A male moose then followed suit and kissed the dog on the snout as well. The cute puppy, on the other hand, had a fairly level head while taking in this special occasion.

YouTube/ ViralHog