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Tiny French Bulldog With Cleft Palate Was Rescued And Has A Brother Just Like Him

Boo, a puppy with a cleft palate, and over 500 other homeless puppies with medical issues have been saved because to NorCal Bully Breed Rescue (NBBR), an organization that has been committed to rescuing them.

Boo, or Bugatti as he is more well known, is a French bulldog who Leslie Bird, the organization’s executive director, rescued.

More than 70 individuals work at NBBR, which was founded in 2013 and is in charge of giving pups who are frequently subject to prejudice all the care they require.

When Bird learned about Boo’s predicament, he acted immediately to assist him. He is really grateful and enjoys receiving plenty of attention.

IG: norcalbullybreedrescue

Boo had a cleft palate, aspiration pneumonia, and required medical care to survive, according to Ronproyect, but things have gotten better for him and he is becoming stronger. He has gained weight and displayed his endearing nature.

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Even when they are not in the mood to play, he enjoys playing with the other foster puppies.

He enjoys playing hide and seek and is quite skilled at it, so much so that Bird had to hang a bell around his neck to be able to find him. He is also a little naughty due of his hobbies.

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Boo got the chance to meet his brother Po, a puppy who also has a cleft palate and has grown into his ideal complement in every aspect, because Bird takes care of numerous puppies.

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Now that they both wear bell-equipped cat collars, they are noisy but utterly charming.

IG: norcalbullybreedrescue