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Adorable Homeless Dog Visits This Caffe Every Day In Brazil

Many moving stories with various animals as protagonists were given during the worldwide enforced quarantine, like the one about the homeless dog that stops by a cafe to acquire some food.

Brazil’s Dulci Barbosa cafeteria was forced to close as a result of the current pandemic-related preventive isolation measures implemented throughout the entire nation. Even when she shut her doors, Dulci continued to prepare meals for her most beloved client, a cute little dog named Deneres.

Deneres started going to the cafeteria last year, and since she was treated well every time, she soon started coming there frequently.

Instagram/ dulci.barbosa.391

Dulci, who loves animals and already has three rescued dogs in her house, was unable to give the puppy a home. However, the kind-hearted woman always made sure the adorable puppy had plenty to eat.

Even when he had to shut down his company, he went every day solely to leave food for Deneres because he was so committed to feed him.

Instagram/ dulci.barbosa.391

Dulci stated to The Dodo:

She was never hungry. She has no one else to rely on but me.

The dog soon began to see Dulci as more than simply her source of food; she was her greatest buddy.

The woman was eventually allowed to launch her company once the confinement ended, and Deneres was one of her first customers. The dog came at the location very excited and nervous, and she immediately proceeded to greet Dulci with an exaggerated wag of her tail.

Instagram/ dulci.barbosa.391

Since that time, Deneres has resumed her regular practice of going to the cafeteria, where she is showered with attention, love, and delicious food.

Said Dulce:

“I adore her a great deal. And I believe that there is mutual affection.

Deneres did not appear to be a solitary resident, despite the fact that the lady was unaware of where she spent the majority of her days and nights. Her body gave out several cues that suggested she had recently given birth to a litter of puppies, and that she likely still had them under her care.

However, Dulci’s good nature and generosity in feeding their devoted mother had nonetheless indirectly helped the infants.

Instagram/ dulci.barbosa.391

The dog eventually gained the self-assurance and comfort to introduce her closest pal in a kind way one day. Following breakfast, the dog immediately led Dulci to the area where her adorable little children were.

Instagram/ dulci.barbosa.391