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Puppy Has People Falling In Love With His Adorably Unique Look

Obviously, each dog is unique, and each one has a unique manner of falling in love. But there’s something special about this tiny dog named Lucky, and it might be because of the way he looks a little bit different from the other dogs.

Despite just being two years old and living in Thailand with his recently adopted mother Charice Fca Cha, Lucky has already established himself as a rising celebrity. Lucky draws all eyes outside when they step outside.

Everyone wants to meet him, according to Charice, who claimed that while various people’s reactions to meeting him vary.

Charice Fca Cha

She uttered:

“I discovered a highly varied response. Others were in awe. A few folks were enthusiastic. While others were taken aback to see Lucky.

Charice Fca Cha

And it is not difficult to understand why.

Charice Fca Cha

Lucky was born with heterochromia, a disorder in which the color of each eye changes over time. Lucky has brown eyes and one that is a light blue color, but he or she is experiencing more than that.

Charice Fca Cha

There is a black, arched spot that resembles a large, cartoonish eyebrow over the pup’s blue eye.

Lucky is genuine, but after Charice shared a photo of him on social media, several people found it difficult to believe.

Charice Fca Cha