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Distressed Man Offers A Home To Anyone Who Helps Find His Chihuahua

As Eddie Collins, a guy from Tucson in Arizona, United States, is desperate because his chihuahua dog Jenny vanished, many people regard their pets to be members of their families and experience intense anxiety when something happens to them.

Collins would stop at nothing to get her back, including offering her a mansion as payment.

Jenny is two years old, and she and her father undoubtedly get along well. Unfortunately, two months ago when they were shopping at the Circle K on Ina Road and Silverbell Road, Jenny mysteriously vanished.

Collins said to News 4

“Everywhere has been searched. Every day, I go to the kennel.

Collins has advertised incentives to help people find Jenny on social media platforms after receiving no word of her whereabouts.

According to Fox News, the prize was originally $1,000, but given his apparent grief, he decided to increase the amount.

Collins declared

“Tucson, I need your aid; whomever gives it back, please know how much I appreciate it.”

Everywhere he goes, he always has posters with the following phrase that describe his mission:

Can you assist me? Do you remember me? They removed me from Circle K. My dad is seeking for me. He’ll offer you a one-bedroom house, a workshop, and some land if you assist me return home. Help me come home safely if you know where I am, and everything will be yours. Jenny is my name.

Collins adores Jenny with all of his heart and is willing to part with his material possessions as long as he may hold her once more. When asked why, he simply states that Jenny is a member of his family.

He stated:

“I’m selling a piece of land with a one-bedroom home. Without any conditions, I’m willing to give away the property, the shop, and the trailer. All I want is Jenny back.