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Abandoned Dog Is Found Tangled With His Leash Next To His Belongings And The Saddest Note

On the premises of the Villalobos Rescue Center (VRC) in New Orleans, staff members discovered a pit bull fastened to a fence. When the staff arrived, the dog was trembling and cowering.

The leash was wrapped around the dog’s legs, obstructing blood flow. But first, it was challenging to pull the dog out of this unpleasant circumstance since he resisted rescuers’ attempts to approach him.

At the site, a plastic bag holding the dog’s belongings was also discovered. Rescuers discovered a depressing message inside the bag, which would once again crush their hearts.

The sweetest dog you will ever meet, after you get to know him. He enjoys being petted, yet he may get tense around humans. Give him a better home and please take your time with him. He has all of his vaccines up to date, and I’m always going to give as much as I can to the wish list.

The rescue facility is so overrun with abandoned animals that the staff was unsure how they would manage to take in one more animal, let alone one that was so fearful and anxious.

In the hopes that someone would act to assist, they uploaded the footage of Rock’s rescue to Facebook.

In a Facebook post, the team clarified that they didn’t have great expectations for the dog, particularly given the shelter setting.

“We lack the resources to relocate this dog somewhere else where he can unwind and get used to his surroundings. None of us are permitted to approach him.”

Unexpectedly, the owner’s brother came across the social media post and hurried to the rescue facility.

VRC stated:

“My body was in excruciating pain. Since Rocky had been his friend since he was a puppy and was no longer living with his family, he had thought that everything was well.

When Rock rediscovered his sibling, the staff’s hesitation to let the terrified dog go vanished. The dog’s reaction quickly changed from cowering to snarling to kissing and pleading with his adoptive father for a belly massage.