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7 Motherless Kittens Found A Surrogate Dad In This Rescue Labrador Retriever Before They Found Their Forever Home

Who said that cats and dogs can’t get along? There are many cases which prove otherwise. Take, for example, this rescue Labrador retriever Bertie, a one-year-old dog: he rose to the occasion, selflessly raised 7 motherless kittens and greatly helped Rachel, head nurse of the Battersea animal rescue charity, to manage the situation.

Rachel volunteered to take these 7 lovely kittens after they were found on the streets without their mother. Rachel soon found out that the situation was a little bit overwhelming, and who knows what would’ve happened if the dog didn’t look after them. Perhaps he was sympathetic to the situation, as he was a rescue himself? Or maybe he was just a good boy, as all dogs are? Have a read and decide for yourselves.