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Adorable 3-Month-Old Pit Bull Puppy Nods Off In A Funny Way And Goes Viral

Have you ever had a day full of fun activities and new experiences? Usually, afterwards, you feel tired, out of energy, and just want to take a nice, long nap. This is exactly what happened to the adorable 3-month-old pit bull puppy named Nino. He spent the whole day running around the beach, seeing the sea and sand for the first time. So on the ride back home, he started nodding off with his owner’s sister.

Kamila, the owner of Nino, couldn’t help but film the whole thing. She didn’t know, however, that after posting the video on TikTok, it would get over 3 million views and go viral! Kamila told Bored Panda: “We were returning from the holidays at the beach—that was the first time Nino saw the sea and sand. He and my teenage sister, Carol, have an incredible bond. They just fell asleep together, it was so cute that I had to film it.”