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Dog Pretends To Be Homeless To Get Free Burgers And Was Caught In The Act

A woman from Oklahoma in the United States named Betsy Reyes was extremely concerned because every night, her dog “Princess” ran off without explanation. She got sick of this and decided to follow her to see what was going on. According to CBS News, it turns out that the dog travels to a local McDonald’s every night after leaving her residence.

Betsey was really surprised to learn that those enigmatic exits from Princess had involved sitting down beside a McDonald’s and approaching passing automobiles in hopes of being offered something to eat.

Once she is positioned close to the drive-through, Princess uses her puppy eyes and a convincing homeless dog impersonation to guilt-trip patrons into buying her burgers.

Facebook/ Betsy Reyes

It is clear that Betsey’s “fat” pet is not a stray as she warned the community in a Facebook post. Princess has now achieved online fame.

Facebook/ Betsy Reyes