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Police In Peru Install Food And Water Dispensers For Homeless Dogs

Unfortunately, there are a lot of uncaring people who are capable of leaving animals on the street without giving them the love or attention they require. Finding food and water is one of the main obstacles for these stray animals, but the police in Tacna, Peru have demonstrated that there is still hope for humans by offering a solution by installing food and water dispensers.

The first station’s food dispensers, which resemble long tubes, went into service in October 2017. When the pups are thirsty or hungry, they go to them because they know they can eat there without worrying about getting poisoned.

National Police of Peru

This amazing effort is also being carried out in one of the police stations in the city of Chiclayo’s Monsef neighborhood.

National Police of Peru

The kind deed was announced on the National Police of Peru’s official Facebook page:

“We commend our workers at the Monsef police station for their outstanding initiative. He decided it would be appropriate to put up a food dispenser for stray dogs who come to our premises.

Unquestionably demonstrating a strong interest in animal welfare, the Peruvian National Police has issued the following challenge on social media:

Install a water and food dispenser in your area in coordination with your neighbors to help the puppies that most need it. Do you concur? #YoMeSumo”.

National Police of Peru

This act has received a significant deal of support. One of the participants said:

“What an excellent idea. More individuals are required so that they can understand the requirements of animals. And with this as an example, maybe Peru will follow suit. Because some people abuse or leave them, leaving them without any means of protection.

National Police of Peru