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Sweet Corgi Sees A Man At The Airport, And Instantly Knows She Needs To Comfort Him

Before she turned eight in July of last year, Cora was saved from a horrific circumstance. The unfortunate Corgi was made to have many litters of puppies by her own family. In her lifespan, she had given birth to over 15 litters. When her final litter included only one healthy pup, her family decided it was time to put her down.

Poor Cora had so many health issues and had never truly experienced love, but things turned out for the better in her life.

At first, Cora was going to be fostered by Madison Palm, but when she realized she couldn’t let the adorable dog go, she decided to adopt her instead.

Madison Palm‎

Despite everything Cora has gone through, she has such a wonderful disposition and is so eager to meet everyone she meets that her mother has decided to train her to be a therapy dog.

Madison Palm‎

As she stated to The Dodo:

“Cora has a wonderful personality; I adore her. When she is not at my side, she constantly keeps a careful check on me. Unless you constantly pet her, she will choose the nearest lap to sit on if I’m not around and push your hand away. The first thing people mention about her is how nice she is. Her kind disposition is always observed.

Madison Palm‎

When Cora is out, she wants to approach others and introduce herself. She thus assumed Cora wouldn’t mind if there were lots of new people to meet when she and her mom were recently stranded at an airport while flying. However, it turned out that one traveler that day needed Cora’s affection more than anything.

Madison Palm‎

Madison remarked:

“Cora just strolled by our tiny dining area, waving to everyone she saw. She was having a nap, so I let her go off the leash for a little while so she could unwind and eat. At that point, she woke up and approached him covertly. She was already at her loved one’s feet before she could summon her.

Madison Palm‎