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Depressed Old Dog Just Stares At Wall After Being Returned To Shelter 3 Times

Princess, a sweet bulldog, has been looking for a home for for a thousand days. After being sent back to the shelter three times, she became unhappy and would frequently look at the wall as if she had lost all hope. Princess also resided in a nursery, where she was depressed despite receiving tons of hugs, affection, and food from the workers.

Although her rescuers tried their hardest to provide her a permanent home, she continued to alternate between the kennel, failed adoptions, and different foster homes.

She was finally moved to a childcare facility, but that setting was certainly not a replacement for a genuine caring home. As a result of her ongoing loneliness and the inability to locate a family that might provide her with the security she desired, the Princess was beginning to experience depression.

Princess was initially handed in to the shelter in January 2013 because the owner didn’t want to move the dog with her family.

Due to her senior age, she was put on the shelter’s euthanasia list right away. If a shelter employee called Elena had not opted to save her, it is possible that Princess would have been put to death.

When she was left in Elena’s care, the small dog’s true character emerged, and she is incredibly amiable and affectionate.