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Woman Risks Her Life To Save 21 Dogs From Deadly Flooding After Hurricane Harvey

Betty Walter has four dogs of her own and collaborates with several rescue organizations. She had her four pets with her when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Texas, and she was also caring for 11 dogs from rescue organizations. Additionally, she was caring for a friend’s dog. And as Harvey became stronger, the canine population increased until it reached 21 canines.

She remarked to I Heart Dogs:

“Early on a Saturday morning, a tiny dog approached my window. There are two canines owned by homeless persons who contacted me for assistance.”

The howling dogs that her neighbors had abandoned could be heard by Betty.

Betty Walter

On Facebook, she wrote:

“I doubt I’ll ever forget the dogs in my neighborhood howling for aid. Dogs were frequently kept outside by owners. I worked so hard to save a couple. Too much water was present. They wept for many hours. I stayed till I received assistance.

The woman was stuck in her attic with all the dogs, now numbering 21, as the floodwaters rose.

Betty Walter

Betty had to wait until Sunday for assistance after Saturday’s first arrival of rescuers who were only interested in saving humans and were unable to save any canines.

Betty Walter

Help eventually arrived on Sunday after she spent 14 hours locked in her attic with 21 pets. Two Deer Park residents insisted on helping Betty and her dogs when they were going about her area with a boat.

Betty Walter

Betty was ultimately able to get all 21 dogs to safety once they all fit into the boat.

Betty Walter