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Dog Chained to Telephone Pole During Hurricane Saved by Photographer

As Hurricane Harvey’s torrential rains created flooding in Victoria, Texas, a Daily Mail photographer came upon a little puppy that had been left chained to a telephone pole. The dog he called Lucky was soaked, chained, and surrounded by water. Had a hurricane hit, she could have perished, but photographer Ruaridh Connellan freed her and brought her to safety.

The small puppy was going to be submerged by the floods as it saddened and lost hope for the future. She flicked her tail and leaped to safer ground after Ruaridh Connellan broke the tie.

Just outside of Victoria, Lucky’s owners had been residing on the property with her chained up. They ran away, abandoning their pets.

She was relieved to be free and to recognize her buddies, who included two kittens, a little pony, a second dog, a pit bull that had previously been discovered chained to a tree.

The two dogs were glad to be fed and Connellan immediately notified local animal services of their presence; however, they were still waiting for their owners to return home after abandoning their trailer.

The next day, the photographer said he went back to the trailer because he couldn’t sleep the previous night and was worried about Lucky and his brothers.

Connellan declared:

As soon as I arrived at the property, Lucky came bounding over the fence, waving and waggling her tail at me.

He gave them with food and clean water. Lucky and the other animals were terrified but generally seemed secure for the time being.