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This Boy Has A Brain Tumor And Made A Birthday Wish To Help Shelter Animals

Bryce Hill is a little kid from Illinois, USA, who has a brain tumor and a large heart. He has been undergoing chemotherapy and numerous hospital visits since May of last year, but this hasn’t stopped his heart from being incredibly compassionate.

She made the decision to have a party for her sixth birthday, which fell in January of this year, in order to solicit money for the Illinois Valley Animal Rescue (IVAR), a nearby shelter, and so assist many animals.

Bryce’s mother, Gina Panther, stated to The Dodo:

I’m quite proud, but Bryce is not your typical son, so I’m not at that shocked.

By Gina:

He is an extremely lovely youngster who is “like an ancient spirit in a youthful body.”

This boy with a brain tumor volunteers at an animal shelter

This little boy’s generosity does not stop here; he opted to keep lending a hand because it is something he genuinely likes doing.

He was made an honorary volunteer by IVAR, and his job was to play with all the cats. When he feels well, he will try to volunteer once a week or however he can. He adores playing with cats and is eager to do so once more.